Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dog Eat Dog

Lassie, hurry! Some of your canine comrades are in danger!!

Jock, the Scottish Terrier, has just returned from the Antique Mall, with terrible news!

No dog should have to see the things Jock saw. It was enough to make Spike, the bulldog, start smoking again.

 It was enough to make Lady start drinking. Look how glassy eyed she is!!!

 Yes, it appears these dogs are being prepared for consumption by the humans. See how they are arranged on this silver platter. OH MY... one's been decapitated!!! Look away!!!

 I said, LOOK AWAY!!! NO SPIKE!! Break that stare!!

 This is just sick.  The humans are using dog and cat shaped salt and pepper shakers to season the doomed doggies!!!

 Trusty is about to barf at this inhumanity!!! Do you see how sick he looks?!

 More decapitations! When will this end?!!

Oh, I see, the humans are going to serve the puppies on puppy plates. How disgustingly ironic.  

No comment. 

Wait! It looks like most of the puppies were able to escape! Even, Cerberus!! 

 And this thing.
 The physical wounds will heal. But the emotional scars are forever. Poor, ghost-puppy.

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